Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Warning Signs of Stomach Cancer

The Warning Signs of Stomach Cancer

Signs of stomach cancer could be indigestion as the first sign and you could feel stomach discomfort or heartburn which is known well as dyspepsia. It could be relieved by antacids or you could feel full but you only eat small amount of food. It is possible for you to lose your appetite and the next, you will lose your weight because the indigestion. The second sign is the bleeding.

Since tumor grows, it will erode the blood vessels because the blood enters the tract of intestinal. Dark and tarry stool could occur if bleeding is a lot and some amounts are hidden and only could be detected by testing your stool. For severe bleeding, it will lead you to vomit blood or frank blood in stool.

Vomiting could happen when the tumor completely obstruct the area that connects stomach to duodenum. Nausea and vomiting could happen after eating so your stomach feels not empty.

Difficult of swallowing is also the sign for stomach cancer especially if tumor is spreading near your esophagus that could carry food from mouth to stomach. Your eating will be slow and you are commonly choking on food for the signs of stomach cancer.

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