Monday, November 10, 2014

Bladder Cancer Symptoms and Signs With Pictures from Cystoscopy

Bladder cancer symptoms are recognizable. First of all, bladder cancer is about urinary bladder which is rarely involving lymphoma or sarcoma as the non-epithelial cancers. It happens caused by the abnormal cells multiply that are uncontrollable in bladder. This cancer is the ninth of leading that could cause cancer. There are some signs and symptoms you could learn.

Bladder Cancer Symptoms and Signs

1. Redness
One of the characteristics for bladder cancer is blood or redness in urine. This sign is even visible to naked eye (macroscopic hematuria) and it is detectable through microscope (microscopic hematuria). Hematuria is basically the common symptom for bladder cancer because the percentage for this symptom is for about 90%.

2. Frequent paint during urination
The frequent paint during urination is the common case too. The people with bladder cancer commonly want to urinate but they are a little bit hard to do so. Even though this symptom is not specific, but it is happening.

3. Non-cancerous conditions
Some non-cancerous conditions such as over-active bladder, prostate infections and cystitis could lead the problem to bladder cancer.

4. Other frequent paints
Other frequent paints are the history of advanced disease such as bony pain or pelvic, flank pain or lower-extremity edema for bladder cancer symptoms.

Bladder Cancer Symptoms ,and picture

Bladder Cancer symbol

Bladder Cancer Symptoms and Signs

Bladder Cancer Symptoms pictures
Bladder Cancer Symptoms pictures