Saturday, November 8, 2014

3 Big Brain Cancer Symptoms With Symbol Pictures

Brain cancer symptoms are determined by two factors. First, it is about the tumor or the volume and the second is about the location. Brain cancer is caused by brain tumor that is the abnormal cells within the brain that could be benign tumor or cancerous tumor. Even though the causes of brain cancer for most cases are still unknown, the symptoms and the signs for brain cancers are recognizable as below:

Symptoms Of Brain Cancer

1. Increased intracranial pressure

With the increased intracranial pressure, it is not surprising if most cases of brain cancer will lead the patient to the problem of headaches and even vomiting without nausea issue. For the severe symptom in this category could lead the patient in comma.

2. Dysfunction
This symptom could appear depends on the location of tumor that caused cancer. If it is around the brain structure, it could lead the problem with cognitive and behavioral impairment such as losing memory, impaired judgment, spatial orientation disorders and the last is about lack of recognition. Sometimes, it is also followed by personality or emotional changes such as the impaired sense of smell double vision, dizziness and facial paralysis. The more severe symptoms that could occur could be paralysis on the side of body and impairment to swallow.

3. Irritation
The presences of abnormal fatique are followed by tremors are the part of brain cancer symptoms.

Brain Cancer Symptoms With Symbol Pictures


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