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Liver Cancer Symptoms and Treatments in Men And women

Liver Cancer Symptoms and Treatments

Liver cancer symptoms basically depend on the type of the cancer. The presence of Cholangiocarcinoma is followed by jaundice, weight loss, hepatomegaly, swating and abdominal pain. While for the presence of Hepatocellular carcinoma could be signed by abdominal pain, emesis, back pain, abdominal mass, jaundice, itching, fever, weight loss and abdominal mass. There are some treatments available related to liver cancer as follows: 

Treatments of Liver Cancer

1. For Hepatocellular Carcinoma
It needs surgical resection as the treatment for non-cirrhotic livers. However, it could increase the risk of complications include the liver failure. Another solution is transplantation that could be tolerated if the tumors could fit certain criteria. There is non-surgical treatment called percutaneous ablation by injecting chemicals to liver such as acetic acid or ethanol. 

2. For Cholangiocarcinoma
The treatment could go with resection or gets adjuvant chemoradiation that could be helpful for some cases. Another case is photodynamic therapy that is using light activated molecules through laser light so that it releases toxic and remove tumor cells. Other solutions are systemic chemotherapies and radio therapy.

3. For Hepatoblastoma
To remove tumor, it is possible to have surgical resection and liver transplant. The next treatment is chemotherapy after the surgery and transplant for liver cancer symptoms.

Liver Cancer Symptoms and Treatments Picturs

Liver Cancer Symptoms and Treatments in Men And women

Liver Cancer Symptoms

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