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The Common Signs of Cervical Cancer

The Common Signs of Cervical Cancer

Signs of cervical cancer are commonly unrecognizable in its early stages especially if you are first infected to HPV. The only way in order to know about your cervical condition is about taking Pap tests but in regular basis. One of the common symptoms for this cancer is the unusual bleeding. It shows up once when it spreads to the nearby tissues such as bleeding during sex or between and after the menopause. Not only could that, but the bleeding also happen from bladder and rectum. With the excessive bleeding condition, it will lead the patient to get anemia.

Vaginal discharge is also the signs of cervical cancer because it creates the watery vaginal discharge with foul smell and the discharge turns to red, brown or pink. For women who have experienced this type of discharge, it happens all the time between periods.

Advanced stages are the warning for the patients because the unusual bleeding and vaginal discharge would not be the only but there are other symptoms such as bone fractures, leakage of urine and feces, excessive fatigue, loss of appetite, rapid weight loss, and swelling in one leg, pain in pelvis, legs and also back for the signs of cervical cancer.

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Signs of Cervical Cancer

The Common Signs of Cervical Cancer