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What Causes Pancreatic Cancer ? – Best Answers

What causes pancreatic cancer? – Best Answers
What causes pancreatic cancer ? Well, the pancreatic cancer is basically dangerous that forms in pancreas and sometimes there are no obvious symptoms until the condition of cancer goes to advanced stage and the treatment surely will be difficult. Of course, there are some known causes and some factors that could associate this condition.

First, age could be the factor to cause cancer because it is more common for people for more than 60 and most of the patients are diagnosed in their 80s. Second, the ethnicity could be the cause for example people of African more likely to get pancreatic cancer. The common smokers will likely get this cancers compared to non-smokers. In fact, weight and diet could impact the growth of this cancer especially for them who have overweight problem.

The current research shows that the people who consume red meat too often will lead to the problem of this cancer. Next, it is about the genetic factor. If the person has history of pancreatic cancer, he could get the condition but it does not related to family history. The last is about pancreatitis. The inflammation of pancreases gives more risk for this cancer, even if the family history shows about pancreatitis could be the answer for what causes pancreatic cancer.
What Causes Pancreatic Cancer ?
What Causes Pancreatic Cancer

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