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Types of Treatment for Breast Cancer

Types of Treatment for Breast Cancer

Treatment for breast cancer is possible in several ways so the patients could choose the course for the treatment that could be overwhelming. In most cases, people with breast cancer need surgery as the first approach of treatment. The doctor first will review the kinds of surgery and discuss the best for the type of the cancer and the most comfortable for the patients. The patients could choose whether they want to keep their breast through radiation treatments called lumpectomy or to remove the breast completely which is called mastectomy. The lumpectomy is quite effective as mastectomy especially for them who have one cancer location only and the tumor is still less than 4cm diameter.

The second option is having chemotherapy by using chemical to prevent the rapid growth for the cancer cells. It is very effective but of course there will be side effects such as reduced white or red blood cells, nausea, and vomiting, fatigue and hair loss.

Radiation therapy is possible by receiving high-energy radiation to destroy the cells. It minimizes the injury of healthy tissues and it is given after breast surgery.

Next is about the hormonal therapy as anti-estrogen and it will reduce the post-menopausal side effects and the last is targeted therapy that concerns on the specific cancer cell treatment such as blocking the cells to get protein as the treatment for breast cancer.

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Treatment for Breast Cancer

Types of Treatment for Breast Cancer