Saturday, January 17, 2015

All about Treatment for Lung Cancer

All about Treatment for Lung Cancer

Treatment for lung cancer is various and it depends on the advance of the disease after being diagnosed. Of course, the lung cancer could be a small or non-small cell lung cancer and it is viewed by the help of microscope. The most common case is about non-small lung cancer.

For the first treatment it is a lung cancer surgery in order to remove as much of possible of diseased tissue. The different operations are possible such as wedge resection to remove a section of lung with cancerous problem or a lobectomy, the procedure to take the lobe of lung out. The side effects for surgery could be potential bleeding and infection followed by pain and short of breath because the lung tissues need to expand.

Next is about chemotherapy as the form of treatment that allows the patient to get dosages of special drugs to remove the cancer cells. It is commonly used before cancer surgery to cut the size of tumor and after surgery to remove the cells. The combination of drugs will lead to nausea, loss of hair, dizziness and those side effects could go away gradually if the chemotherapy is completed.
Radiation, targeted drug therapy and treatment by stage are other common possible treatment for lung cancer.

Treatment for lung cancer