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Bladder Cancer Treatment with BCG

Bladder Cancer Treatment with BCG

Bladder cancer treatment with biological treatment or BCG is about the process in order to use person’s immune system as the option to fight the cancer off. It is called as biotherapy and this treatment is also used after TUR or Transurethral Resection which means to stop and prevent the cancer to come back. BCG treatment will insert the immune’s system directly to the patient’s bladder by using catherer which is a circular and thin tube with hollow. It is quite effective against superficial bladder tumor to destroy and reduce the growth of tumor.

Preparation is crucially important before applying this treatment such ad drinking nothing for two hours in order to help kidneys has less urine to produce because urine could stop BCG to be diluted in the bladder. After receiving this treatment, you use toilet to discard drug from body and you should wash genitals with antibacterial soap. You also need to drink fluids based on the procedure to dilute urine and it helps decreasing the infection.

However, there are some side effects after the treatment such as you may suffer of pain while urinating followed by fever and aches or even blood in urine. It is important to tell your health care provider if you keep bleeding while urinating for more than three days as the effect of bladder cancer treatment.

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Bladder Cancer Treatment with BCG

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