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Signs of Skin Cancer in Children

Signs of Skin Cancer in Children

Signs of skin cancer can be easily detected and even treated but it depends on the type of the skin cancer. For basal cell carcinoma, it is the most common among kids and general age.

On skin, it gives elevated waxy bumps around neck ears or even face and it appears fleshy colored flat lesion. This type of skin cancer is rare to spread in another part of body and it gives no lasting damage of tissue if it is diagnosed and treated early.

It appears on skin parts that are commonly exposed to sun. Children and adults run the higher risk of getting this type of cancer especially for them who had organ transplant.

The case is different from another type of skin cancer that is squamous cell carcinoma that commonly develops in fair-skinned people with scaly patch of skin in inflamed base and red bumps. It is non-healing lesion. It is around lips, head, ears, neck, arms and hands.

The last type is melanoma as the most deadly type of skin cancer since it could spread to lymph system and also internal organs. It starts from moles that change in color texture, shape and size. The borders are well-defined with pinkish as the signs of skin cancer.

Early signs of skin cancer pictures

Skin Cancer in Children

 Signs of Skin Cancer in Children

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