Tuesday, March 31, 2015

What Causes Prostate cancer ? – Medical Says

What Causes Prostate Cancer – Medical Says

What causes prostate cancer basically has been answered by the medical research. It is caused by the malignant tumor on prostate gland which is located below bladder and it is in the front of rectum with the size of a walnut and it only found in males.

The presence of this cancer tends to get genetic nature so family history with positive prostate cancer could give an impact because the DNA inherited change. Not only that, but the testosterone could be the reason of prostate cancer. Well, it does not give any cause for this cancer but this hormone could feed the growth of the cancer.

That is the answer about prostate cancer treatments are designed to block the amount of testosterone produced by our body. Another reason for the cause of this cancer is the higher levels of other hormone instead of testosterone such as androgen that is also male hormones.

Next it is about the aging problem as the strongest cause. After man turns to 50 and this cancer commonly attacks men over age 65. The last is about diet and exercise.

For men with more body fat, it gives more risk of prostate cancer. The eating habit in too much portion with high-fat dairy and red meat product will give high chances for what causes prostate cancer.

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What causes prostate cancer

 What causes prostate cancer – Medical Says

 What causes prostate cancer